6 1/2 Magic Hours (1958)

This is an awesome movie about Pan Am’s new Boeing 707 Jet Clipper service across the Air Ocean of the Atlantic.

The music throughout this film is truly classic. This movie made me want to rush right out and jump on board the next flight to London. Features of the “spacious cabin” jets are a big part of this film. I also enjoyed the scale model of the new Pan Am terminal at the New York Airport where passengers would move from terminal to jet under covered awnings. The passengers look overjoyed when the co-pilot announces that the jet’s ground speed is now 658 miles per hour. In fact, by looking at these passengers, you would think that the flight to London is the high point of the trip.

The movie goes on to show some of the activities to be enjoyed while in England and Paris. “You have extra hours to do what you want to do in a leisurely way” the film reports. A great picture from the dawn of the jet age.

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