About Us

Aviation English Academy (AEA) is an Australian based school that focuses on the teaching, regulation and research of the specialised language that forms Aviation English.

Staffed by qualified aviation professionals who have a strong history and interest in the aviation sector, as well as fully experienced ESL teachers you can be assured that the training, information and chinese_female_pilotsresources provided by AEA will allow you and your organisation to comfortably comply with the international standards for Aviation English.

Our expertise and industry capacity also allows us to publish the academic journal Plane English. This industry recognised journal is focussed on the policies, regulation, research and teaching of this specialised language and the distributed to other educational institutions, libraries and regulatory bodies 6 times a year.

The classes we offer are available in 4 distinct forms.  They are:

  • State-of-the-Art online courses for individuals
  • Specially tailored and customised online training for corporations
  • Traditional Class based courses delivered at our Canberra and Cowra campuses in Australia
  • Class based courses delivered at the corporate location of our clients

Through our fully qualified teachers and with our infrastructure and expertise, we can provide an Aviation English training package that suits you and your corporate requirements.

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Aviation English Academy
PO Box 368
Dickson ACT
Australia 2602

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