AFL151 diverts to JFK due to woman giving birth + another emergency (17 Feb 2016)

Two emergencies, one new born – another day in the office for JFK controllers…

AFL151 en-route from Moscow to Havana diverts to JFK due to woman giving birth. It appears the woman actually gave birth on the plane.

The second emergency which occurred at the same time in the same zone was declared by a Delta aircraft. This aircraft was given priority due to an electrical issue on board the aircraft. However with this emergency the aircraft was not asked about people and fuel and the taxi operation was normal, yet no questions from the Tower.

Have a listen to these 2 incidents which occurred simultaneously in the same zone at the same time. Do you think the communications and procedures were followed correctly? Discuss.

Second question(s) – a new baby born on an aircraft (especially in the airspace of another country) brings a whole different set of issues and required reports. Have you ever encountered such a situation? If do, please discuss as this is not a normal occurrence that most professionals would encounter.

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