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Aarhus Airport

Head Office Aarhus Airport Ny Lufthavnvej 24 DK-8560 Kolind Aarhus Denmark IATA Code – AAR ICAO Code – EKAH Timezone (GMT) (winter/summer): +1/+2 Number of Terminals – Information Line: 45 8775 7000Fax: 45 8775 7030 Website: http://www.aar.dk

Location & Based Airlines

Photo of Aarhus Airport

Location – 36 km (22 miles) northeast of the city of Aarhus

Based Airlines – Sun-Air of Scandinavia


Aarhus Airport (Danish: Aarhus Lufthavn) (IATA: AAR, ICAO: EKAH) is a civilian airport located in Tirstrup, Denmark, which is 19.4 nautical miles (35.9 km; 22.3 mi) northeast of Aarhus. The airport carried 591,355 passengers in 2011.

The airport was built in 1943 by German occupying forces (but not ultimately used) and was used as a Cold War military base for the Danish and other allied airforces until the 1990s. The airport still contains a small military depot and plays host to occasional training exercises; the last NATO exercise was in 2007.

The current passenger terminal dates from 1981 with renovations performed between 2007 and 2009. Since 1946 the airport has carried civilian traffic and has been ‘temporarily’ the primary one for Aarhus, despite being nearly 50 kilometres (31 miles) from the city centre and relatively inaccessible until recent road construction, such as the Djursland motorway. A plan to build a new airport closer to the city was rejected in 2003 and is a matter of ongoing debate for local authorities.

The airport resides at an elevation of 82 feet (25 m) above mean sea level. It has two runways: 10R/28L is 2,702 by 45 metres (8,865 ft × 148 ft) and 10L/28R is 2,777 by 23 metres (9,111 ft × 75 ft).



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