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There are currently 1086 Commercial International Airports listed in our World Airline Directory.

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Zhuhai Airport

Head Office Zhuhai China IATA Code – ZUH ICAO Code – ZGSD Timezone (GMT) (winter/summer): +8/+8 Number of Terminals – Website:

Zurich Airport

Head Office Unique Zurich Airport P.O.Box Zurich Switzerland IATA Code – ZRH ICAO Code – LSZH Timezone (GMT) (winter/summer): +1/+2 Number of Terminals – 1 Information Line: 41 43 816 22 11Phone: 41 43 816 22 11Fax: 41 43 816 50 10 Website:

Zweibruecken Airport

Head Office Zweibruecken Germany IATA Code – ZQW ICAO Code – EDRZ Timezone (GMT) (winter/summer): +1/+2 Number of Terminals – 1 Website:



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