American Airbus A-321 suffers lightning strike during go-around (Jan 22 2017)

An American Airlines Airbus A321-200, registration N106NN performing flight AA-179 from New York JFK,NY to San Francisco,CA (USA), was on final approach to San Francisco’s runway 28L at about 14:37L when the crew received a windshear alert and initiated a go-around.

The crew climbed to 5000 feet and positioned for another approach to runway 28L. The aircraft landed safely on its second approach to runway 28L about 12 minutes after the go-around, the crew maintained routine communication from go around to landing.

The aircraft had received a lightning strike while climbing out after the go-around and was unable to continue its schedule. The aircraft remained on the ground in San Francisco about 25 hours after landing due to undergoing a complete inspection.

Have a listen to this recording and note how the pilot communicated the windshear and the need of the go-around. Also note how the overall incident was handled by all parties. KSFO airport is a very busy airport, how and what would you have communicated to other aircraft that were also flying within the area?

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