Aviation English Academy Forms Partnership with the Hong Kong International Aviation Organisation

(Hong Kong) March 24, 2016 – “We have just formed a strategic partnership that will provide an all-inclusive flight training program for Hong Kong students wanting to develop a career in international aviation.”

That was how CEO Graham Green described the new working agreement between the Australian based Aviation English Academy (AEA), which he represents, and the Hong Kong International Aviation Organisation (HKIAA).

“AEA is staffed by qualified professionals who have a strong history and interest in the aviation sector, as well as being fully experienced in Aviation English and ESL teachings,” Green explained. “With our technological expertise, fully qualified staff and network of partner flying schools around Australia, organisations such as HKIAA can be assured that the training, information and resources provided by AEA will allow their students to comply with the international standards for professional flight training and ICAO Aviation English,” Green added.

The Hong Kong International Aviation Organisation is an aviation training and recruitment program operating from Hong Kong.  With a mixture of government and private funding, HKIAA organises and manages aviation based training programs for native Hong Kong students.

“The HKIAA is delighted to announce the launch of its 2016 Student Pilot Training Programme,” said spokesman Simon Wong. “The scheme is provided at an affordable price to local students aged between 14 and 24, and we also accept group applications from secondary schools,” Wong explained.

Participants will undergo intensive flight simulator training, followed by further instruction with either fixed wing or helicopter training using real aircraft in Australia.

Wong said that Hong Kong based carriers currently recruit only 10% of their pilots locally. 

“Airlines incur substantial training costs, so they look for candidates who demonstrate a strong passion for flying from a young age,” Wong said.  “Hong Kong suffers from a lack of affordable flight training, making it difficult for youngsters to gain tangible experience. This partnership with AEA will address this shortfall and allow local students to learn their required ICAO Aviation English and also undertake extensive flight training programs within Australia through AEA and their network of partner flying schools in Australia,” he added.

Wong emphasized that the partnership with AEA will give students from Hong Kong access to ICAO Aviation English training services as well flight training programs offered by Aviation English Academy and their partner flying schools. “We are now offering full aviation training programs with flight theory, practical aviation training and the required ICAO Aviation English,” Wong said. “This is an innovative approach to learning and flight training and provides complete aviation training programs for Hong Kong students,” he concluded.

The website of the Aviation English Academy is http://www.aviationenglishacademy.com.au/ and the website of the Hong Kong International Aviation Organisation is http://hkiaa.org.hk/

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