Become an Agent

Become an Agent of Aviation English Academy and earn money by selling our industry leading courses/services to your clients.

This will allow you to expand your business by taking advantage of our specialised and combined Flight Training and ICAO Aviation English programs.  You will receive a generous variable commission from all the sales and enrolments your generate.

Simply register to become an agent – and if you are successful, you will receive an Agent Agreement which will be prepared in duplicate for execution and exchange.  Once the agreement has been signed and executed, you will receive a Certificate of Appointment which you can use to advertise that you are a duly appointed and authorised representative of Aviation English Academy.   You can use this certificate for the purpose of recruiting international students.  All certificates will be signed by the Director of Aviation English Academy and will show:

  • The Agent’s (your) business name and country/region
  • The period of appointment

Once you application has been registered and you have received your Certificate of Appointment, you will then be able to sell enrolments to our industry leading courses and services.  This includes:

  • Comprehensive Learn to Fly programs
  • Aviation Pathway courses
  • ATC Training and Practice
  • ICAO Aviation English Preparation
  • ICAO Aviation English Testing Services
  • IELTS English and Testing Services

Information and Updates for Agents

All Agents will receive access to our Agent Portal as well as receive an electronic copy of AEA’s bi-monthly ‘AEA International Agent Newsletter’. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep Agents, scholarship bodies and others briefed on course changes, news at AEA, marketing information, intending country visits by AEA staff and academics, changes to visa requirements, application and regulatory processing requirements, enrolment dates etc.

Regular contact will be maintained by AEA International staff with agents through the Agent Portal to ensure that they are kept up to date with all relevant information in relation to the provision of services.

All Agents are encouraged to contact the Admissions Officer, AEA International regarding the status of student applications.  Simple contact facilities will be available through the Agent Portal.

Monitoring the Performance of Agents

Reviews of all Agents will be conducted by the Director, AEA International on an annual basis. Reviews will include:

  • Agent Performance- quality of applications and conversion rates
  • Conformity with contractual requirements
  • Quality of counselling and other information provided to students
  • An evaluation of activity undertaken by AEA with the Agent

The Director, AEA International will forward a brief report to the Agent with appropriate comments and actions.

As part of the monitoring of the Agent’s activities and to assist them to effectively carry out the performance of their services, AEA International will endeavour to visit the majority of Agents to:

  • Undertake product briefings, including course requirements for entry etc.
  • Inspect the premises to ensure that an appropriate image is presented
  • Meet with counsellors to assess their performance in advising students
  • Review the display of AEA promotional materials
  • Assess the Agent’s knowledge of and conformance with the “National Code” and other legislative requirements relating to the provision of their services

Application Process

Simply complete the online Agent Application Form.

Each application takes approximately two (2) weeks to assess and the decision of the Director, AEA International is final.  All applicants will receive a notification detailing the respective decision.

Already an Agent?

Please visit the Agent Login page and enter your username and password to gain access to your account, course and marketing information and other promotional material.

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