Bonanza 5626d crash at Plainville MA (28 June 2015)

A small private plane dropped from the sky and crashed into the roof of a stately Colonial home, engulfing the house in flames as the residents ran to safety outside. All three people in the plane were killed.

Federal officials said the aircraft was a Beechcraft BE36 carrying a pilot and two passengers, including a child.

National Transportation Safety Board officials will examine the scene, Procopio said. The bodies of those on the plane were to be removed by the medical examiner’s office, he said.

The FAA will investigate and the NTSB will determine the probable cause for the crash, officials said. The investigation is ongoing.
Incident plane reported to be Bonanza G36 bound from Pennsylvania to Norwood (MA) airport (KOWD).

This recording is from KBOS approach south. Recording starts at 2136Z. Most silences and irrelevant conversations with other aircraft have been edited out. Controller calling ‘radar contact lost’ was at 2144Z.

Have a listen to this recording and hear how the incident was communicated and handled.

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