Communicate Positively with your Passengers

Biman-DC-10-cockpit2Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of your flight crew I would like to welcome you aboard. Our flight time to Paris tonight is . . .” Contemplate this thought: You fly people, not airplanes. You accomplish the task with aircraft. You can take a bad flight with a crew who can communicate well with the passengers and they get off the aircraft thanking them for a delightful flight. You also can take a nice flight with a crew who does not communicate with the PAX and at the very best they get off the aircraft saying it was OK. Communication and how you relate to your passengers (who are your customers, remember it) is of the utmost importance.

Regardless of a pilot’s personal feeling about delivering announcements, they are a very important part of your job. Your PAX and their satisfaction is of the utmost importance. You must take the time to look through their eyes. Keeping your passengers in the loop is a key element of delivering good service – and it also pays the important dividend of putting at
ease those of your passengers who may have some anxiety about flying.

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Communicate Positively with Your Passengers

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