Culture affects Communication

cross-cultural-communication-is-hard-workWe know that differences in education, perceptions and expectations can make communication difficult; these differences are often critical when we need to communicate in the workplace. Pilots and controllers, however, share a common professional culture, regardless of their differences in native language, race and nationality.

The training provided by Aviation English Academy (AEA) capitalises on the connection between culture and communication.

This is one important reason why AEA fully accepted the guidance in the ICAO language proficiency manual* that content-based learning is an appropriate language training methodology for pilots and controllers. Content-based learning programs “speak” to students in a common language of understanding. This methodology is, for pilots and controllers, a means of building the unknown on the known: the concepts are known; their proper linguistic expression needs to be learnt.

Moreover, AEA content-based courseware incorporates contemporary safety-related subject matter that has the twin benefits of effectively facilitating acquisition of the English language and improving the safety consciousness of pilots and controllers.

Teaching English to pilots and controllers is not enough. It is ineffective to teach a brand of “aviation English” that is unrelated to operations on the flight deck and in the control tower; topics such as the four forces of flight, travel itineraries and hotel accommodation fall into this category. AEA instructional design focuses on cutting edge subject matter of direct operational relevance and effectiveness. This includes such topics as controlled flight into terrain, safety management, runway incursions and threat and error management.

AEA Aviation English courseware has been developed by experienced operational personnel and highly qualified linguistic experts working in cooperation with airlines, service providers, industry groups and regulators. It is specifically designed to meet ICAO language requirements in the most cost-effective way possible. AEA courseware training material is designed and presented by professionals and we believe these training programs are among the world’s best.

What if you could learn about a subject like human factors in aviation and improve your aviation English at the same time?

* ICAO Document 9835: Manual on the Implementation of the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements

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