Delta McDonnel Douglas MD-90 rejected take-off at Atlanta (27th Apr 2016)

A Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90, registration N940DN performing flight DL-873 from Atlanta,GA to Miami,FL (USA), was cleared for takeoff from Atlanta’s runway 27R.

A Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-88, registration N913DE performing flight DL-749 from Miami,FL to Atlanta,GA (USA), had landed on Atlanta’s runway 27L and was taxiing along taxiway T towards the terminal approaching runway 27R (intersection of taxiway T with runway 27R about 3200 meters/10500 feet down the runway). Tower cleared the aircraft to cross runway 27R about 20 seconds after the takeoff clearance for DL-873 had been issued.

Another 22 seconds later tower cancelled the takeoff clearance for flight DL-873 prompting the crew to reject takeoff at high speed (about 120 knots over ground). Tower subsequently apologized to DL-873, the aircraft vacated the runway onto taxiway M, tower again apologized stating it was his mistake.

Fortunately, the ATC realized, stopped the departing aircraft and solved his own mistake on time.

The tower controller was relieved from duty thereafter, another controller took charge of the frequency.

Have a listen to this recording and note the communications being used – before, during and after the potential incident. Have you ever encountered a mistake by ATC during your professional communications – if so, what did you do and how did you communicate the error?

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