English Test for Aviation Professionals

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Are you recruiting people and want to know who has the best level of English?

If you answered Yes to the above, then you may be interested in our widely used English Test for Aviation Professionals (ETAP).

ETAP will measure a person’s level of General English as well as assess their ability in speaking, listening and understanding ICAO Aviation English using ICAO guidelines. The test is broken down into 7 separate parts (Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Grammar and ICAO Phraseology) and students have 2 hours to complete the test. They can pause the test and re-start it after they complete each individual part but they can only attempt each part only once.

feedback1Full feedback is provided to each person upon the completion and assessment of the submitted responses. If you are a training or Human Resources manager for a group of people then you will also receive a full copy of the assessment report detailing the grades of the people or individuals from your group – this report includes outlining their strength and weaknesses. This reporting structure is perfect for organisations who are recruiting people and need to know who is the best and what the level and capability of all the group is. All grading and assessment verification is completed ETAP certified examiners that are also qualified and experienced Native English instructors from Aviation English Academy.

Who is ETAP designed for?

ETAP is designed for Aviation professionals and/or organisations that need to have an understanding on the English ability for a specific individual or for a group of employees or new recruits. If further training is required – either to maintain operational proficiency or to improve in specific areas, then the individuals and/or their sponsors are able to identify and select a suitable training program based on the testing results.

How does ETAP work?

The ETAP test is based on ICAO directives. This includes listening and oral components. It also includes the testing of English grammar and assessing the reading, writing and speaking skills of the test candidate(s). The test is designed to assess the language skills of each candidate in all areas covered by ICAO requirements.

How is the test completed?

Our ETAP test can be completed in a number of different ways. We can provide ETAP authorised and certified examiners to come to your premises to conduct group testing – alternatively, the testing is regularly done in testing facilities and candidates are able to book themselves into a regular test at our premises. In addition, the testing can also be completed online using our secured testing services. Please note, for the ETAP test to be authentic, the test for each individual or group has to be conducted and completed by an authorised and certified ETAP examiner.

Can I verify the ETAP results?

Yes – employers and authorities are able to verify the individual results from each ETAP certificate by contacting Aviation English Academy and providing the candidate’s name and ETAP ID number. We will then issue a verified record and certificate of the results.

This verification process will give you the confidence that the presented certificate is an accurate and true representation of the testing outcome.

Our state-of-the-art ETAP testing services, combined with our established assessments and certified examiners are the perfect mediums for any individual or corporation who needs to know and understand the English ability for either themselves, other individuals or large groups.

English Test for Aviation Professionals - Online Test
On the completion of your order, you will receive an email that contains a link to the ETAP Registration form. Complete this registration and you will then be sent a link to the actual examination.To obtain a bulk discount, simply select "Order Item" below and then enter the number of tests you'd like in the quantity box on the order form.

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