English Test for Aviation Professionals [ETAP]

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ETAP is a certified Aviation English testing service and will measure a person’s level of General English as well as assess their ability in speaking, listening and understanding Aviation English using ICAO guidelines.

The test is broken down into 7 separate parts (Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Grammar and ICAO Phraseology) and students have 2 hours to complete the test. They can pause the test and re-start it after they complete each individual part but they can only attempt each part only once.

The ETAP test is based on ICAO directives. This includes listening and oral components. It also includes the testing of English grammar and assessing the reading, writing and speaking skills of the test candidate(s). The test is designed to assess the language skills of each candidate in all areas covered by ICAO requirements.

Click here for more extended information about the ETAP testing service.

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