KLM 737-800 Near collision with a drone (UAV) at Amsterdam (6th May 2016)

A KLM Boeing 737-800 performing flight KL-1286 from Edinburgh,SC (UK) to Amsterdam (Netherlands), was on final approach to Amsterdam’s runway 18R descending through 600 feet AGL when the crew spotted a drone passing their aircraft about 30 meters/100 feet to their left.

The aircraft continued for a safe landing on runway 18R. The subsequent approach to runway 18R was warned of the drone about 2nm out by tower but could not spot any drone.

Have a listen to this recording and note how the reporting was handled and communicated. It is not if, but when a major incident with a drone will occur and there are currently no regulations but only advisory notices that deal with the use of UAVs. In your professional view, what controls should the various regulatory bodies put in place to deter or regulate the use of drones in dedicated air space environments.

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