Mesa CRJ7 near Nashville, fuel leak followed by engine fire warning (26 Jan 2017)

A Mesa Airlines Canadair CRJ-700 on behalf of United, registration N515MJ performing flight YV-6176/UA-6176 from Washington Dulles,DC to Nashville,TN (USA) with 65 people on board, was descending through about 15,000 feet towards Nashville when the crew observed a rapid loss of fuel and declared emergency. About 3 minutes later the right hand engine’s (CF34) fire warning activated, the crew pulled the fire handle and discharged the fire bottles.

About 2 minutes after the fire warning the crew reported the fire warning was still active. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Nashville’s runway 31 about 9 minutes after the observed loss of fuel, came to a safe stop on the runway and was evacuated.

The FAA reported the crew observed a loss of fuel, subsequently received a #2 engine fire warning, pulled the fire handle, discharged the fire bottles, the fire warning ceased. Passengers and crew exited the aircraft via stairs onto the runway.

Emergency services reported a hot spot was located at the engine.

Have a listen to this recording and take note of how the communications were handled – and also pay attention as to how the crew worked and communicated professionally while encountering a potentially catastrophic situation. Airlines have comprehensive training and simulator programs that prepare crew members for such situations – but how do you think you’ll react when encountering such an incident while in the air?

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