More pilots needed in Indonesia to meet growing aviation industry

sky-aviation-indonesia-f27-mk-050-sky-avnlrJAKARTA, Aug. 22 2014 — Indonesia will require over 18,000 pilots in the near future to meet the growing demand at the country’s fast growing aviation industry, an official said here on Thursday.

Chairman of Indonesian National Air Carriers Association Emirsyah Satar said that Indonesia would be on of the centers of the growing aviation industry in the Asia-Pacific Region in coming years.

By 2030, over 50 percent or 2,000 units of the total planes in ASEAN would be based in Indonesia, said Emirsyah, who is also the president director of the country’s leading carrier of PT Garuda Indonesia.

“Therefore Indonesia still needs about 18,000 more pilots,” he said at the Jakarta Convention Center.

The director said the pilots were also needed to replace those having retired.

Nevertheless, it seemed that the supply for the demand could not be met all from the domestic pilot schools, said Emirsyah
He said that Indonesia only had 13 pilot schools so far, lower than that in the Philippines of 53 schools.

The United States whose population nearly similar with Indonesia had more than 1,000 pilot schools, according to him.

The United States has 230 million population, nearly similar with 238 million of the population of Indonesia.

Last year, Indonesia’s air passenger traffic for international destination rose by 12.3 percent to 10.8 million people, compared from the previous year, indicating growing demand on the Southeast Asia largest economy, the national statistic bureau has said.

The Indonesian government has aimed to put priority to develop aviation industry as it is the most effective and efficient transport means in the vast archipelago country.

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