ICAO English Preparation Certificate – 12 week program

ICAO2This professional 12 week online program has been built on ICAO standards and concepts and teaches students the required language, terminology and phraseology that is required for Commercial Air Pilots, Flight Crew, Air Traffic Control Officers and Ground Operations staff.

Taught by professional and qualified teachers, students will learn effective communication strategies and the correct language skills that are required to perform well in an ICAO English test.

Weekly lectures are held using our state-or-the-art video conferencing facilities and students are required to attend each of these lectures every week. Students also participate in teacher-led discussions relating to ICAO guidelines and directives. All enrolled students also receive a variety or training material and exercises using multiple forms of media and actual ATC recordings. Assessments are provided and each assessment is marked by qualified and experienced instructors.

Students enrolling in this course study a set of core ICAO Aviation English units as well as choosing a specialisation that is focussed on their chosen career path. The specialised units are:

Course Outline

Duration:12 weeks
Delivery:– Online Lectures x 10
– Class based online tutorials with teacher-led discussion
– Student activities, exercises and tasks
Assessment:Progressive: 3 course exams combined with unit assignments and quizzes.
Students must score at least 75% in each unit before moving onto the next unit.
Required material:– All required reading and learning material is supplied. Students do need to supply a computer with Internet access.
– All students undertaking this course online are also required to have a Skype account.
– Students are also required to have an iPhone, iPad or Android device as course material and secondary reference material is supplied by an App.
Prerequisites:– A good understanding and confident use of English (required).
– A background and knowledge of Aviation terms and conditions (required)

Corporate Invoicing

We provide convenient Invoicing terms for Aviation based organisations and recruiters. To request an invoice order, please select an enrolment date from below and complete your order and you will be given an option for us to invoice your company/corporation.

Bulk enrolment discounts

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Customised Courseware

With our combination of professional trainers and state-of-the-art educational facilities, Aviation English Academy is able to provide a full customised training solution for your aviation based organisation and/or business.

Click here if you would like more information about or Customised Courseware for Aviation Organisations.

ICAO English Preparation Certificate - 12 week online program
- Professional 12 week online study program
- Weekly lectures using our state-of-the-art video conferencing systems
- Large range of multimedia based training material and exercises
- Based on ICAO guidelines
- All work administered, taught and graded by trained and qualified instructors

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