Plane crashes after departure from Hawthorne Airport (KHHR) (21st March 2016)

The small aircraft — a light-sport, weight-shift-control plane, with only one person on board — was departing Hawthorne Municipal Airport when it crashed, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said.

Aerial video showed the wreckage was significant and the plane was in pieces.

Have a listen to this recording and note how the ATC professional advised other traffic in the area of the incident.

Being professionally involved in an incident is very traumatic for any person and undertaking and maintaining your tasks while the incident is occurring and has just occurred can be a very testing process for all concerned. In light of the above, do you think all communications during this incident were accurate? Additionally, have you even been involved in such an incident and if so, how did you communicate and manage your tasks while the incident was occurring?

Please discuss.

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