Refund Policy

300x180Aviation English Academy (AEA) applies the following criteria in assessing eligibility for refunds.

If AEA cancels a course in which you have enrolled and paid fees, a full refund of all fees will be provided.


1 – Class based courses

If you have paid to attend a class based course and withdraw before the course commencement date, a refund will be granted based on the following guidelines:

Time before course commencesPercentage to be refunded
1 – 7 days before course commences20% refund
8 – 21 days before course commences50% refund
22 or more days before course commences100% refund

To receive a refund you must have paid for the fees and submitted a completed an Enrolment Variation form to AEA Student Services or notified AEA Student Services in writing that you wish to withdraw from your study before the invoice due date.

Under exceptional circumstances, AEA may give a refund after the course commencement date. You are required to apply for this refund in writing and provide relevant documentary evidence to substantiate your claim. This refund may be adjusted for the period of enrolment already accessed and administrative costs in refund processing.

2 – Online Courses

No refund will be given for notification of withdrawal which occurs after the start of the program.



  • Starting the program/course on time is your responsibility. If you arrive late for the start of your course, no refund is given for the missed days.
  • If you choose to withdraw from a course conducted by AEA you must give AEA written notice and it must be from your entire program; you cannot withdraw from selected parts of your program (i.e. the last month or form specific modules).
  • You must leave AEA on the date you have agreed to withdraw.
  • Percentage of Program Completed = (Total Number of Days Completed) / (Total Number of Days in Program) X 100%. Weekends are not included in this calculation.
  • Any refund will be paid to the person or entity that originally paid the course fee (normally the agents), where possible, in the same currency in which the fees were paid.
  • AEA will make sure that you can sit down and talk with an appropriate person within 2 days of your withdrawal request.
  • Refunds are processed within 2 weeks of receiving the notice/request from the student.
  • No refund will be given to students who are expelled for breaching AEA’s policies, unacceptable behavior or noncompliance with visa conditions.
  • All bank charges incurred for refunds to be paid by the beneficiary.
  • In the event of a program or course cancellation by AEA, all fees will be refunded within 2 weeks.


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