Right Talk from the Right Seat

Pilot-Co-Pilot-110433324917_xlargeDespite lessons drawn from cockpit resource management programs, the language of the flight deck varies by the seat being occupied – and peril can hide in the syntax. We need new rules of speech.

You’re no rookie. You have more than 9,000 hours, but with less than If 100 hours as first officer in your new assignment, a 747, you are still adjusting. Your captain is not only the senior 747 pilot, he is also the senior instructor and the guy who checked you out on the 747.

The crew has already encountered numerous problems. You had to divert to an alternate and the delays are eating into your duty day time limits. Delay much longer and you will not make it home tonight. The captain has changed his mind a couple of times about refueling at the alternate but now wants to get airborne with no more delays.


Right Talk from the Right Seat

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