Sentence Building – Make better sentences, get a better score!

One of the goals for any student preparing for their IELTS exam is to be able to make good sentences.  Being able to build a good sentence will help you for your Speaking and Writing.

The examples below show a series of simple questions and following each question is a common answer.  However there are also better answers given which show how you can respond to a question with a better sentence – which will then give you a better score.

Question: Tell me about your family.
Common Answer: There are three people in my family.
Better Answer: In Vietnam today, a majority of families have three members, and my family is no exception.
Note: This sentence is built with three parts. First is the place, Vietnam. Second is the situation, many families with three people. Third is this person’s family.

Question: What is your hometown like?
Common Answer: My hometown is very nice.
Better Answer: Although my hometown is not very famous, it has several advantages that make it a great place to live.

Question: How do you feel about your job?
Common Answer: I like my job very much.
Better Answer: Although you might not believe it, I really enjoy my job every day.

Question: What do you dislike about your classes?
Common Answer: Studying is very difficult.
Better Answer: When I think about how hard my classes are, I feel like quitting, which is one reason I’ve decided to go abroad.
Note: The question is about a feeling and the answer is about a feeling. Good!

Question: What do you want to do in the future?
Common Answer: I want to be a lawyer in the future.
Better Answer: I first thought about being a lawyer when I was a child, and now, after many long years of study, it seems my dream will become reality.
Note: Excellent! Compare the past dream with the present hard work to show the bright future!

Question: What do you do in your free time?
Common Answer: In my free time I like to play sports.
Better Answer: If I ever had free time, I would probably do many different things, including playing sports, listening to music, and going out with my friends.
Note: Good examples.

Question: Tell me about a typical day in your life.
Common Answer: My typical day begins when I wake up.
Better Answer: After resting all night, I wake up every morning looking forward to a new day.

Question: What will you do when you go abroad?
Common Answer: I want to study Computer Science in Australia.
Better Answer: If I am able to get a visa, I hope to learn about Computer Science in Brisbane, Australia, so that I can come back to Vietnam and work for a successful local company.

Question: What are some typical jobs that people do in your country?
Common Answer: Many people in Vietnam work as farmers.
Better Answer: One of the biggest industries in Vietnam is agriculture, so there are a large number of people working as farmers.

Question: Tell me about a celebration or festival in your country.
Common Answer: The Spring Festival is the biggest holiday of the year in Vietnam.
Better Answer: When winter is coming to an end, which means a new spring is not far behind, and that is when we in Vietnam have our largest celebration of the year, the Spring Festival.

Question: Do you like to go shopping?
Common Answer: I hate shopping, but I have to do it.
Better Answer: When I think of shopping, I think of all the crowds, all the difficult choices, and all the money I will have to spend, so I hate to go shopping.


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