Text of Sample Speaking Test

Here is an extract from part 1 of an example speaking test.

Have a read of this sample and take note how the student answered the questions.

Examiner: So Sasha, it says here that your name is Alexandra. Is Sasha a nickname?

Sasha: It’s a kind of short form of my name. Like in England someone whose name is, um .. I dunno …William? Yes, if his name is William, it might be Bill. So my name is Alexandra or Sasha, depending.

Examiner: Depending?

Sasha: Well, if its formal or not, you know. My teacher calls me Sasha, but if I’m in trouble, then it’s Alexandra. I prefer Sasha!

Examiner: So all your friends call you Sasha?

Sasha: Yes, mostly. Sometimes they call me J-lo, because they say that I have expensive tastes, like a film star, but that’s mostly just to tease me.

Examiner: So what do you and your friends do when you are not studying?

Sasha: It’s such a problem at this time of the year! We have so many tests and exams it feels sometimes like we are always studying. Even if we can sometimes do it both at once when .. I mean, sometimes we get together at eachother’s houses, and study and maybe, you know, share a pizza and watch a DVD or something.

Examiner: Do you like watching DVDs?

Sasha: Yes, its okay. I prefer going out to the cinema, but that’s more expensive. One DVD is cheap, especially if five people share … um ..take it out together and share the cost. But everyone has to buy their own ticket for the cinema, and if you also get some coffee or something before, it costs a lot more. Also at home, you can stop the DVD and get something to drink, or answer your mobe. Is mobe right for mobile telephone? I know Americans call it a ‘cell’.

Examiner: Most English people say ‘mobile’ but some do use ‘mobe’. Now, what do you like …

Extract from an example speaking test part 2.

Examiner: Okay, are you ready to start speaking?

Carlos: Yes, I think so, sure.

Examiner: Remember you have between one or two minutes. Don’t worry about speaking for too long, I’ll stop you. Okay, please begin.

Carlos: I’ve been asked to speak about my dream home, and actually, I don’t think that this is really a possible home. I mean, you know, it’s possible for me to have a dream home, but it’s got to have my family, because we have always been living all together. So my family have to live at my dream home, but they want a dream home so different from what I think it. So it’s hard to see how we can all …, because we have all got to be happy, you see, or it’s not a dream home.

Okay. I’ve got to have my own bathroom. And one for each of my sisters, because they kind of live in them. I mean, they’re there for hours in the morning and evening. … And a sound pre .. a sound .. a room that no sounds are coming out, where I can do music really loud and no-one says me to stop it. And Zorro, he’s my cat, I want him to have a whole room just for him, where he can play and climb on things. Maybe have his own television, why not?

Oh yes, where has this home got to be? In my town, definitely. My friends ….

Examiner: Okay, thank you.

Extract from an example speaking test part 3.

Examiner: We’ve been discussing eating out. Now I’d like to ask you a few more questions about this. Which do you prefer, eating out, or eating at home with your family?

Matilda: Oh, it depends. Going out to a restaurant is good, but I don’t think I want to do it all the time. I think going to a restaurant is for special times, but with my family its more relaxed. You can be yourself, you know?

Examiner: What is important to you when you go to a restaurant?

Matilda: Important how? Do you mean for the food, or if the restaurant is a good one, with a good name?

Examiner: Well, all of these I suppose.

Matilda: Of course, the most important thing for me is the food. I don’t care so much if it is not a fashionable restaurant. I mean a fashionable disco is good, and I don’t mind if it is crowded. But a crowded restaurant, where you have to queue for a table, I don’t think I like that. Also, good service. That’s important.

Examiner: Do you always leave a tip after a meal? What’s the tradition in your country?

Matilda: Well, it’s not like some countries where you always have to give a big tip. We give a tip if we like the waiter, or if the food was more good, I mean, better than I expected.

Examiner: What would you do in a bad restaurant? I mean one where the food or the service was not acceptable.

Matilda: I would complain. I’m not patient, and I know what my food should taste like. If it’s not good, I’ll tell the waiter. Sometimes they, how do you say, try to get away with it? Like put me in a too small table next to the toilet, when I said on the telephone I wanted a table by the window.

Examiner: So describe what you think would be a perfect restaurant …

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