What is your favourite airport?

These are hands down the world’s favourite airports.  But what is your favourite airport?

LAX is a favourite. Picture: Sam Howzit

LAX is a favourite. Picture: Sam Howzit Source: Flickr

MOST people don’t necessarily like going to the airport … there are lines, layovers and lots of crowds. But clearly that doesn’t stop folks from “liking” airports on Facebook.

Skift.com has compiled data to reveal which international airports are the most “liked” and have the greatest follower growth. The airports that made the list use the social media platform to their advantage, posting throwback photos, giving updates about construction projects and creating their own photo campaigns.

Check out the most “liked” airports below.

1. Changi Airport Singapore

Likes: 368,289

Fun fact: Changi Airport offers a Zen escape with its in-airport nature trail, including the world’s only airport butterfly garden.

Rooftop sunflower garden at Singapore's Changi Airport.

Rooftop sunflower garden at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Source: Supplied


Passengers in the transit hall of Changi International Airport.

Passengers in the transit hall of Changi International Airport. Source: AFP


2. Schiphol Amsterdam Airport

Likes: 258,830

Fun fact: Aviation fans can get married at Schiphol. The airport offers a number of unique wedding venues, such as a hangar or vintage plane … then jetset to their honeymoon after the nuptials!


Schiphol offers some decent seats!

Schiphol offers some decent seats! Source: Flickr


Schiphol Airport.

Schiphol Airport. Source: Flickr


3. Los Angeles International Airport

Likes: 231,962

F un fact: Los Angeles International Airport is most commonly referred to by its abbreviation, LAX. However, the “X” in, LAX, doesn’t actually stand for anything.


: AX also made the most-liked list.

: AX also made the most-liked list. Source: Flickr


4. Frankfurt Airport

Likes: 202,054

Fun fact: Frankfurt Airport is Germany’s largest employment complex in a single location, with more than 500 companies and organisations and 78,000 employees.


Frankfurt Airport. Picture: Shunsuke Kobayashi

Frankfurt Airport. Picture: Shunsuke Kobayashi Source: Flickr


5. Dubai International Airport

Likes: 196,792

Fun fact: Dubai International Airport’s duty-free section is the largest in the world and has been named the “best for duty free shopping” 13 years in a row.


Dazzling Dubai Airport.

Dazzling Dubai Airport. Source: Flickr



Aerial view of Dubai Airport. Picture: Unair Shaikh

Aerial view of Dubai Airport. Picture: Unair Shaikh Source: Flickr


Note: The number of likes was recorded at Skift’s time of publication.

What is your favourite airport – tell us below….


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