What makes a good Aviation English teacher?

Ashley class instructionThe study and teaching of Aviation English is still a relatively new field.  Unlike traditional ESL teaching strategies, there is no wealth of experience in the sector that teachers can tap into.  Instead, Aviation English teachers need to rely on newly placed regulations and certifications in order to gain the exposure and understanding they need in order to further their career.

Aviation English Academy understands this dilemma and that is why we are focussed, not just on the development of industry standard course material, but also on the policies and regulations that govern this industry.   With that in mind, what makes a good Aviation English teacher?  Is it a person that comes from the Aviation industry only, or is it a person who is an experienced ESL teacher – or is it combination of the both?  What type of traits, experience and knowledge do the teachers need to have?

The following document contains an interview with Professor Simone Sarmento.  In this interview, Professor Sarmento discusses the requirements a good Aviation English teacher needs to fulfil.


What makes a good Aviation English teacher?

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