Why NextGen Matters


The movement to the next generation of aviation is being enabled by a shift to smarter, satellite-based and digital technologies and new procedures that combine to make air travel more convenient, predictable and environmentally friendly.

As demand for our nation’s increasingly congested airspace continues to grow, NextGen improvements are enabling the FAA to guide and track aircraft more precisely on more direct routes. NextGen efficiency enhances safety, reduces delays, saves fuel and reduces aircraft exhaust emissions. NextGen is also vital to preserving aviation’s significant contributions to our national economy.

NextGen Provides a Better Travel Experience
  • NextGen means less time sitting on the ground and holding in the air. NextGen technology and procedures are shaving crucial minutes off flight times, which translate into money saved and a better overall experience for the traveling public and aviation community.
  • NextGen enables the sharing of real-time data about weather, the location of aircraft and vehicles and conditions throughout the National Airspace System. We get the right information to the right people at the right time, helping controllers and operators make better decisions and improve on-time performance.
  • NextGen is better for the environment. Flying is becoming quieter, cleaner and more fuel-efficient. Operators are beginning to use alternative fuels new equipment and procedures, reducing our adverse impact on the environment. More precise flight paths are also helping limit the numbers of people impacted by aircraft noise.
NextGen Preserves Aviation’s Economic Vitality
  • Our nation’s economy depends on aviation. NextGen capabilities in place today are the foundation for continually improving and accommodating future air transportation needs while strengthening the economy locally and nationally with one seamless, global sky.
  • Airports are economic engines for the communities they serve, bringing visitors and commerce. NextGen is providing increased access, predictability and reliability, enhancing airport operations across the country.
NextGen Enhances Safety
  • The FAA’s top priority is ensuring safe skies and airfields, and NextGen innovation and improvements are delivering just that. NextGen is providing air traffic managers and pilots with the tools to proactively identify and resolve weather and other hazards.
  • NextGen enables us to better meet our national security needs and ensure that travellers benefit from the highest levels of safety.

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