Asia Pacific B727 landing without nose gear at PGUM (26 Feb 2016)

An Asia Pacific Airlines Boeing 727-200 freighter, registration N86425 performing training flight MGE-425 from Guam (Guam) to Pohnpei (Micronesia) with 3 crew, stopped the climb out of Guam at 5000 feet and returned to Guam. The aircraft was on approach to Guam when the crew did not receive indication the nose gear was down and locked and went around.

The crew was unable to resolve the issue, a low approach as well as a touch and go confirmed the nose gear was not in position and could not be shaken down. The crew prepared for a nose gear up landing, landed safely on runway 06R keeping the nose of the aircraft up as long as practicable and lowering the nose onto the runway shortly before the aircraft came to a stop. There were no injuries.

Have a listen to this recording and note how the communications were handled and managed. Do you think these communications and processes used would’ve been any different if it had not been a training flight? Discuss.

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