Aviation English Academy lecturer speaking at IATEC

Graham Green, senior lecturer and Aviation English Academy course convenor, will be presenting a paper at the forthcoming Indonesian Aviation Training and Education Conference (IATEC). This conference is being held in Jakarta in March 2018.

The paper titled “The Continuous Development of ICAO Compliant English Language Proficiency” will focus on the requirement for continual industry development and testing in the specialised language that forms ICAO Aviation English. One controversial issue being discussed in the paper is the recommendation for regular and more frequent proficiency testing for members of the international aviation community that have English as a second language (ESL). The current process is for ongoing testing to be conducted every 3-5 years with this variance based on previous testing results. Mr Green will be pushing that all ESL people from within the aviation sector (including pilots, flight crew and ATC operators) should be tested at a higher frequency and that previous testing results should not have a direction on future testing.

Mr Green is one of the world’s leading authorities in the development and management of ICAO compliant Aviation English courses. He has previously consulted with a number of aviation based agencies from countries ranging from China, Indonesia, Sweden and Iran and has also managed and taught programs with students representing many countries from around the world. His work and research into the use of simulated virtual environments for the teaching of aviation based communication scenarios has generated international interest and recognition.

The Indonesian Aviation Training and Education Conference commences on March 21st and is being held at the Grand Mercure Hotel Jakarta.

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