Delta 661 moments from potential trouble

Delta flight 661, a Boeing 757-200 from Atlanta (KATL) to Cyril E King Airport (CHARLOTTE AMALIE, VI) (TIST) was nearing takeoff when they radioed the tower and let them know they had a maintenance issue which they needed to work, and requested to taxi clear of the sequenced aircraft. The taxi instructions they were then given would place the aircraft very near the take off point of runway 27R. They taxied clear and as they were doing so the aircraft directly behind them radioed to say there was a lot of fluid leaking from under the center of the aircraft. After a few minutes they then requested to taxi back to the stand with an apparent hydraulic fluid leak. Subsequently, airport staff closed part of taxiway Lima in order to clean up the spilled fluid. The flight later continued with a delay of nearly 3 hours.

Have a listen to this recording and note how all the respective parties communicated. This may be a good example of observant behaviour preventing a more serious incident.

Have you ever observed a potential threat to another aircraft and then communicated that potential threat. If so, how did you communicate it and what processes did you use.

Please discuss.

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