Hawaiian Airlines makes emergency landing due to smoke in cockpit. (12 Jan 2016)

A fire on board an aircraft while it is flying is one of the worst, ir not the worst, situation to be in. Although there is no fire directly related to this incident, the sight and smell of smoke in the cockpit area is just as bad and urgent attention is needed to alleviate any form of oncoming incident.

In this recording, Hawaiian Airlines Flight HAL226 from Honolulu to Kahului landed without incident with smoke in the cockpit during flight time. After landing an extinguished fire was found in the cargo. This flight was lucky as it was close to an airport that they were able to land in. However some flights may not be in a position to quickly land.

Have a listen to this ATC recording and hear how this incident was communicated and actioned. Have you had any experience with a fire on board? If so, how did you communicate and action the issue.

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