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  • Student Application Form
    This form is used for students to apply for Flying programs provided by Aviation English Academy and our Partner schools. All information collected on this form is related to your studies and will only be used by Aviation English Academy and our Partner Schools for the purposes of your studies.  The information provided will be not sold or provided to any external party.

    1. About You

    Your given name
    Your surname
    The city where you live or where you are based
    What is your Native language

    2. Contact Details

    Your email address
    Your contact telephone number
    Please include street address, city, state/province and postcode
    Please include street address, city, state and postcode
    Please list a person that we can contact in case of an emergency

    3. Proposed Study Program

    4. English Language Level

    Please list all the separate bands and your overall band score
    Please note: If your English level does not meet our entry requirements, then you will be required to undertake one of our IELTS courses.

    5. Visa Arrangements

    6. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Arrangement

    OSHC is compulsory only for holders of Student Visas.

    Your login details

    Your username is what will be used to log into our system. It should consist of minimum 4 characters and 2 numbers and should be something that you easily remember.
    After completing this Student Application Form, you will receive an email which will contain a password. This password is to be used by you to log into our system.

    7. Declaration

    Please read the following declarations and tick the box below to confirm your understanding of them
    • I understand that this application is non-binding and does not commit Aviation English Academy to offer me a place in any training program.
    • I have read and understood the Program Guide and/or have sought sufficient information to make an informed program selection and I understand the financial commitment, inclusions and exclusions of my chosen study program.
    • I have sufficient funds to undertake the study program which I am applying.
    • The information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I accept that I may be refused enrolment or my enrolment will be cancelled if it becomes evident that any information or supporting documentation is incomplete of false.
    We want to make certain that you are a real human

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