Individual Survey

This survey is for individuals who are currently working or have previously worked in the commercial Aviation industry.

The results of this survey are used to ascertain the English requirements in securing and maintaining a job in the Aviation industry – and how these requirements differ from various countries around the world.  All results are anonymous and there are no user identifiable questions asked.

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Sorry - this survey is for people that work in the Aviation industry. Thank you for your time though.
Select the area(s) of the industry you work in
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Your language ability

Please select the amount of time that you have been learning English
Select what aspect(s) of English you have troubles with
Please select the type of English test(s) that you have completed
How many hours or how long was the test
If Other, please detail how the test was conducted
Do you have to do the tests every year, every 2 years, every 3 years or more. Please detail.
Please outline whatever advice you have for people who need to study and prepare for an English exam

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The country where you were born and raised
The country where you are based for your current job
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