Wind shear, an impatient pilot and a few non-standard words (25th April 2016)

During a storm rolling through Chicago’s O’Hare (KORD), an impatient pilot was waiting in line behind an Envoy flight who requested a few more minutes to be safe for the wind shear to pass.

The Envoy flights asked for a few more minutes. After tower issued the weather report, one pilot says “let’s go.”

One pilot says “D*** Regional jets!!” to which a different pilot responds “Piss off man” and another says “take your time dude, whatever you want.” Finally a 4th pilot adds “yeah, no rush”. Some of the wording is initially not clear but close or repeated listening will allow the listener to understand the wording being used.

Have a listen to this recording. While some words or phrases may be said in jest or with a touch of sarcasm, do you think the pilots in this recording communicated appropriately for the situation? How would you respond to the pilots in this recording?

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